Program Notes 14

Hey Addy, get better. Just 'cause I missed the Slammies doesn't mean Quit had to. Course I didn't fall off a roof. I don't do crazy mixed-up things like that. I do stupid things like forgetting to hype the Slammies in the first place. Pure oversight. Though Quit couldn't play (thanks to Addy breaking his arm) they did win an award. Hope they fell, I mean feel, honored.

Butthorn of the week: You're damn right it's not just Union Bar. All those snooty South Beach nightclubs need to get those damn stanchions off my sidewalk. Now. Or I'll do it myself.

Bonus butthorn from a favored reader: "Ice-T went on Arsenio's show and said the second Rodney King trial was the result of the riots," notes Lionel Goldbart. "That's bullshit. I went to jail to help get civil rights laws enacted. Those laws are why there was a second trial."

The media circus: Oh no, fatal retraction time again. I was completely wrong about Leonard Pitts, Jr. I wasn't trying to tell lies on the guy. I had good information about the Miami Herald hiring a new music critic. Now I got better information. The daily is hiring a new music critic, but I was "wrong again," explains the Herald's executive features editor, Steve Sonsky, in a note to me. "Leonard'll still be writing music, too. He'll be doing it all." (Sounds like Leonard busts ass -- he might as well work over here.) "You may have it first," Sonsky goes on, "but, hey, it helps to get it right. Or it don't count. So: There'll be two on pop. As to the new guy, you presume -- you have a 50/50 chance of getting that right, at least. Really. Cause one of our finalists is male, the other the other. (Though we may still talk to some others.) If you'd like, I'll help you get it right this time. Call me in about a week, and we'll probably have a decision. (Well, maybe two weeks. You know how we corporations tend to be.)" Sounds like Steve has a sense of humor -- he might as well be writing "Program Notes.

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