Swelter 13

It's not who you are, it's who you're standing next to

Winding down the last day of Arcadia, inevitably, with more socializing. A cameo at a top-boy pool party, sleek little seals in Speedos, an idyllic lunch in Sag Harbor, sailboats gliding by on the water, a screening of the new Marky Mark exercise video ("Yo, this body has gotten me places") as a perverse postprandial treat. The gang moving on to a beyond-charming East Hampton home for a power pit stop, the hosts embroiled in a nasty fight, throwing dishes across the kitchen. Our leader breezing through the war zone, making introductions and heading out to the pool, ugly screaming cutting through the surrealistically pleasant setting. And then it's Patrick, floating around on a raft, halfheartedly discussing Hinduism with artist Marcus Leatherdale, delivering the final coda for the smart set: "Today I only believe in the religion known as the Hamptons.

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