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Theatre League of South Florida

Stage Notes
Just in time for a burgeoning dramatic community, the Theatre League of South Florida recently met at the Grove Playhouse and began operating according to new bylaws voted upon and passed this month. Founded in November 1991 to promote and protect the interests of theater and theater artists in Monroe, Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, the organization now boasts a president (Barry Steinman, director of the Dade County Auditorium), a VP (Allen Zipper, co-artistic director of the newly formed Miami Skyline Theater), and a soon-to-be-released map called "Stages of the Sun" that supplies the locations and phone numbers of 61 professional theater companies from Palm Beach to Key West.

The League also plans a bimonthly newsletter that will update theater schedules; the collection and dispersal of useful League mailing lists, joint yearly auditions, an apprenticeship program open to college students in the areas of theater, marketing, mass communication, and graphic arts, an annual theater festival (the first one is slated for May-June of next year), and sponsored play readings. The next play-reading sponsored by the association will take place July 26 at the Miami Shores Theater.

Judging by the attendance and enthusiasm at recent meetings, I'd say the Theatre League stands to gain momentum, and also to help build a healthy dramatic community.

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