Program Notes 12

The winner of that big PACE R&B showcase compo was femme quintet Mystique.
A couple of weeks ago I told you some Island Records A&R rats were headed our way to look at local talent. I suggested to bands they book cush gigs for July 10, 11, and 12. Well, without me knowing it, the A&R scouts hooked up with TCA mogul John "Rat Bastard" Tovar and arranged everything. No, all the bands are not TCA acts. Here's the rundown: On Saturday at Cactus Cantina it's Natural Causes, Rooster Head, Excessive, Marianne Flemming, and Paul Roub. Sunday at Washington Square, you have Holy Terrors, Black Janet, Basketcase, and the Bellefires. Monday, at Stephen Talkhouse, the line-up consists of Tommy Anthony, Le Coup, and Little Nicky and the Slicks.

Know your shows: Bobby Ramirez and his Full Power trio spend the weekend at Bacardi's on the Beach. Hot local weekend at Tobacco Road, with Nil Lara and Beluga Blue on Friday and the Roach Thompson Blues Band on Saturday. The Goods raise the curtain on their famous rock opera, 5 Steps to Getting Signed, on Saturday at the Square, with Natural Causes opening. The Hot Java Coffeehouse features an open-mike night Friday (call Dan at 563-3328). This Friday Rooster Head, I Don't Know, and Tampa terrorists Clang do the Square thing.

Butthorn of the week: A video and its makers. While I was sick the other days, I watched a video we rented from the library. It was called The Everglades. It was all about the Everglades. It showed incredible footage of kites (a rare bird indeed) nesting and eating plus amazing shots of alligators A all kinds of stuff you find in the Everglades. Not once did it show or mention snakes.

The media circus: So Miami Herald editor Jim Hampton and I were downing tequila shots at the Square the other night when he let slip that Leonard Pitts, Jr. (the man you first met in this very column) will soon give up lucubrating about music to become a full-time features writer at the daily. As with the transition (transition being corporatespeak) from Doug Adrianson to Leonard Pitts, you'll find out first about the new guy (bet it's a guy) here. Watch it you damn pot-smoking rock and rollers, you.

Warning -- Musical Advisory: The Broken Spectacles are coming back soon. I've heard it. Brace yourselves. We're all about to get well.

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