Distaff of Life

Distaff of Life

"My father always instilled a sense of realism in me. If you play music because you love it, you've got a much better chance of making it," theorizes Bryn, who can trace her musical heritage back to her grandfather, a onetime big band musician in Havana. Grandpa went so far as to learn a handful of Beatles tunes on the guitar when he discovered his granddaughter was a fan.

"There's not much difference between the way a woman gets treated and the way a man gets treated [in the music scene], except that when you put an ad in the Rag you get a lot more idiots calling, asking, 'Are there any other girls in the band?'" hazards Kathy Fleischmann, currently involved in a number of projects after fronting Poetic Injustice and Big Tall Wish for the past five years. "I won't make that mistake again. Essentially, it was hormones calling. One guy kept bugging me to do hip-hop."

While Fleischmann is upbeat, even funny, in person, her songs cluster near the darker end of the spectrum. "I can't write happy songs. I'm not walking around manic-depressive, slitting my wrists or anything, but when I try to write upbeat material it all sounds trite or overdone. So when I get bothered or depressed about something, I get out my notepad."

Wet Flower vocalist France Blais had been planning on taking some time off from performing to concentrate on writing and recording new material when she found out she had another reason, one that male rockers never have to consider, to cut back on live appearances -- pregnancy.

"Being pregnant has changed my views on the band and on music in general," she says. But contrary to what one might expect, Blais claims impending motherhood has made her more motivated to get Wet Flower to sprout. "So far the only physical limitation is I'm a little shorter of breath. This makes me want to put more into the band and get things going. Now, it really matters. Being in a band totally changed my life. It's what I always wanted to do. The guys in the band were real cool about it, so I figure pregnant or not pregnant, baby or no baby, I'm still gonna do it.

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