Editor Glenn Albin noting that the theme issue began with the Janowitz piece, eventually coming to include assorted aspects of Cuban culture and the entire sociopolitical gamut, "neo-Stalinists to ultraconservatives who consider William F. Buckley a commie." Castro's fall, of course, having enormous geopolitical repercussions, Albin and the rest of the social world also dazzled by the prospect of a brand-new nightlife mecca A cheap, undeveloped, rife with pure possibility: "The pioneers who founded South Beach are going to be attracted to Havana. It's dark, dangerous, really wild, with a corrupt city government, rundown real estate, old people with accents. Just like the Beach used to be. Cubans are the sexiest people on earth; they love to dance and go out. You can taste the potential for nightlife there. It'll be a good place for the restless to move on to, another Dodge City to cultivate.

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