Score Another Knockdown for Thomas Kramer

The Leonard Beach Hotel withstood the great hurricane of 1926, but it was no match for Tycoon Thomas

Yes, the nightclub was really called Hell. Mr. Kramer spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to remodel the building. He installed toilet seats with razor blades embedded in them and he redecorated the rooms in the themes of the seven deadly sins. For the grand opening, he threw a wild party. But just a few weeks later, the club closed.

I probably shouldn't tell you all this, but last week when they were preparing the building to be torn down, the demolition company found a bumper car room upstairs. A ten-foot-square room, with one electrically powered bumper car that Mr. Kramer would ride in for fun. Can you imagine?

Mr. Kramer said the demolition company had to save his little red bumper car, so they hoisted it out on a crane and delivered it to his house. At least he saved that.

You probably all know that most of the landmarks south of Sixth Street are gone. The city passed legislation protecting buildings in the Art Deco District, but they declared this entire area blighted. That way buildings can be bought and razed, regardless of their history.

In fact, that's really why all of you came to town. Isn't this exciting? Mr. Kramer wants to do some wonderful things to revitalize South Pointe.

Just look at everything he has accomplished already.

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