Program Notes

And speaking of Musicians Exchange, the Thursday local thang continues, this week featuring Holy Terrors and Six Silver Spiders.

New Miami hip-hop swing-beat label Cherry Groove welcomes inquiries from artists and their handlers regarding their production facilities. Call 757-8009.

And speaking of Tobacco Road, cool Haitian rara groovesters Lavalas (Roots of the Next Generation is a killer album) play there tomorrow (Thursday) and bluesicians the Telephone Kings check in for the weekend.

Butthorn of the week: John "Mr. Americana" Detrick, wild man and owner of a bookshop in the City Anal, for two offenses, one of which I love, the other of which pisses me off. He hitchhiked to the Paul McCartney concert in Charlotte, North Carolina, got within 32 feet of the stage, and began chucking all-beef hot dogs at (vegetarian) Linda. "About the sixth one actually hit her in the side of the head," Johnny says. "But she was concentrating so hard on playing that note of hers that it didn't do anything except make her play a little better." Cool. But then Detrick irked me by stealing my line, my main line: "I just found Pepsi in my hypodermic." I thought of that one before anybody, Johnny. I got witnesses. Video, even.

The media circus: I guess the recent Supreme Court ruling concerning Santeria means more dead chickens on the streets of my neighborhood. God bless the freedom of religion and God help the health department.

Another media circus: This correction appeared in the local section of last Thursday's Miami Herald: "Due to an editing error, a story on the constitutional protections for religious groups said that peyote was a kind of caterpillar. It is a hallucinatory drug derived from a cactus."

Pet corner: A big shout out to the newcomer, Wiley, not named after Doc, so maybe it's spelled Wile E. (He's our cat, we'll spell it how we wanna.) And a hearty welcome to Lilly's on South Beach. Lilly's (455 Espanola Way, 532-6157) is a nonprofit juice bar and (soon) a cruelty-free market and deli. All profits from the juice bar go to fight animal testing and abuse, with one goal being to make people aware of animal suffering and death, not to mention the relevant health concerns. Plenty of powerful reading material and truly organic consumables are available there. Great idea.

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