A cruel, debasing, and hopefully undeserved fate looming up the following evening, desperately seeking Niki Taylor's face and the MTV "House of Style" crew. The quest ending at Chili Pepper, a club owner noting that he'd seen Niki the week before in a real-life moment, throwing up on an admirer. Another guy talking dreamily of a Canadian club, "The Betty Ford Clinic," renowned for using rolled-up dollar bills as drink tickets.

Shutting down the week with more nonfamily values, Sunday dinner at BANG, singer Allan Harris braving an unholy din. Nicky Narcis of ROAM, Gael Greene and David Keith turning up, Keith passing into stick-man history with Claudia Schiffer, the former Prince Albert of Monaco consort. The Rebar crew A Greg Brier, Nicole Bilu-Brier, Jimmy Franzo, and Alex Duff A celebrating a triumph, taking over the lease at Torpedo, looking ahead to finalizing the deal on Friday. More clubs, more floating parties, more vistas of possibility trailing off into the horizon. Someone pointing out that the rolling thunder of the local pop life is now beyond reckoning with: "The spirit has come to South Beach, the same kind of thing that once hit San Francisco and New York, and no one can control it any more. It's gotten too big. It'll move on somewhere else eventually, but for now it's here.

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