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It was Kennedy A and you know I don't mean John F. A who said it best: some people are powered by greed, some are powered by need. I don't need much, and I don't get it, but before I go I would like to thank each and all of you who've offered me thank-you notes, complimentary letters, flattering postcards, obscene phone calls, and cold six-packs after I've written something stupid you like. You like me! Right.

More info now on that Second Son
benefit we mentioned a couple of weeks ago. The effort is on behalf of Second Son singer Mindy Reidenbach, whose husband, William, died on March 25 after a heart attack. He was a writer, she's a musician, hence no insurance. The event will be split between Broward and Dade (so much for the argument that these two counties' music scenes can't get along) on May 6 (at the Ambassador Club) and May 8 (at Cactus Cantina). Among the bands on May 6: Dore Soul, Jack Off Jill, Naked Rhythm, and Lyrics for Lunch. On May 8: Rooster Head, Natural Causes, Cell 63, the Bellefires, Marianne Flemming, and Mary Karlzen. To help, call 974-0846.

Amongst all the kind and generous mail sent in this week: five, count 'em five, pieces of vinyl. I'm talkin' seven-inchers, from the Cords ("Eat Your Heart Out" on the Fuel label), Tiger ("Nobody Move" on Chaos), Tony Rebel ("Vibes of the Time" on Columbia), Stigmata A Go Go ("Like Bone" and others on Pow Wow), and the cream of this aberrant crop, Drive Choir's "Close Your Eyes" b/w "La La La." It's on Maggot Records and features a megacool picture sleeve. Buy it. Bring vinyl back, or at least hear a coupla kill tunes.

What I do all day is I go through mail and read press releases. What fun. Especially when you come across something like this, from an Island/PLG missive regarding the cranberries, a lower-case band from Ireland: "Dolores O'Riordan's is a vital new voice, ethereal and emotionally wretched."

Miami, Yourami: Day By the River releases its new CD on May 9 at Stephen Talkhouse. Fleet Starbuck plays the Taurus this Friday. A Fleet and band live at Tobacco Road recording is being mixed for release soon. Orlando's Schnitt Acht A one of my fave hard-edge/industrial/metal bands A has changed to a new guitarist, Rick Rozz of Massacre infame, and has a new album due out in May, Slash and Burn.

Like any right-minded person with ink space, I'm obligated to report that The Musician's Guide to the Music Business is a fine primer for those about to get rocked by the greedy evil musical/industrial complex. It's a video and it costs $39.95 plus $2 (dial 800-220-3385). And it's probably worth it if you have a band. I was surprised because, as you are all aware, I know everything about the biz. Right. Like, I never thought of this, pointed out on the tape by Jerry Love of Famous Music Publishing: make a friend at a radio station, preferably the PD. He's always getting rubbed by rec company promo people, who might return a favor if the PD says, "Oh, by the way, there's this local band I really like, you should check 'em out...." Any scam to get the bastards to listen. And I didn't know A and still don't believe A that there are only twenty A&R people in the land with actual signing power. Good luck my friends.

If you gotta get outta here, if you wanna get outta here, you might as well save money and help children who are undergoing treatment at Jackson. Tomorrow (Thursday) at Dadeland tons of vacay opportunities will be auctioned, with proceeds going to Ronald McDonald House. Call 547-5683 for details.

R&B artists looking for PACE backing via the annual showcase competition need to get their applications in by Thursday. Call 681-1470 for the proper forms, or, if you're really desperate, open up the Miami Herald and see if you can find the forms there.

More, more, more: Forget the Name performs tonight (Wednesday) at Squeeze in one of the supergroup's last shows before getting outta here for a tour of the Southeast. Tomorrow the Arthur Barron Experience opens for harp master Roberto Perera at Stephen Talkhouse. Down the road and after I'm gone, on May 8, Collapsing Lungs, Load, and Jack Off Jill deliver what one wag calls "the cultural equivalent of a drive-by shooting" at Plus Five. And in what certainly is the biggest thrashcore show of the century, England's Silverfish join 7 Year Bitch, Funland (a way-cool Dallas, Texas, group), the ripping Demonomacy, and the always tasty Smoke Dog at the Square tomorrow. Anyone who's not at that one ain't no mosher. By the way, 7 Year Bitch is from a town banned from mention here, a Puget Sound port in west-central Washington state. Marilyn Manson joins Naked Rhythm, Things of Naught, and Liquid Sunshine at Plus Five on Saturday.

With Forget the Name hitting the road, Mary Karlzen needs a new band, so you pro bassists, guitarists, and drummers with ability in country/folk/rock should call 665-4750. You know who you are.

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