Finest's Worksong

Will the Mother's ever give birth to a hit? Who cares?

And that's not the half of it. Kennedy A constantly and not wholly accurately compared to Tina Turner by the few critics who've written about the group A makes every lead vocal her own, and, as importantly, laces the Murdock-sung tracks with penetrating counterpoints, fills, and breaks. And Murdock is not only a winning singer, he's a def rapper, as displayed in "Like a Negro." Hey, Beastie Boys A you can't touch this.

The big surprise, though, comes from newer members John Hayes (guitar) and Dion Derek (drums), both of whom contribute lots of songwriting and plenty of instrumental muscle.

Murdock says the band might record their next album themselves, or possibly sign with a label in Europe, where they do get their due. Kennedy will likely cut a solo R&B-oriented, and more commercial, album in the meantime. Murdock is also considering a solo offshoot project A "metal punk," he says. "We can't afford to trust anyone," he says. "So we'll do stuff on our own. We believe in ourselves. We have to cut through their bullshit. The record company has to believe in us, too. And if someone is willing to pay, we'll take our time with the next one. I know there's an audience. Mother's Finest is not dead." You'd never know it by listening to the radio.

Mother's Finest, with Conehead Bop and Skin Tight, performs at midnight Friday at Plus Five, 5715 S. University Dr., Davie, 434-1224. Tickets cost $8 and $10.

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