Swelter 1

After dinner a limousine ride to Les Bains with Fields and Drena DeNiro, McMullan talking about the guest list, which had been gathered from various local sources and cross-referenced: "Certain legends in this town, whether they're up or down, always have to be invited."

More sex and legends at the club, a guy lifting up his date's dress and licking her ass on a raised podium, Schiffer dancing with all of her gentlemen callers simultaneously, Perelman puffing on a cigar and reviewing the evening: "It was okay, but not really good." The dance to the music of fortune and fame ending with Schiffer, to everyone's amazement, standing outside the club with Keith. Lost without the super-model, the gang splitting off: one crew wading into Paragon, a weary-looking Dopplet muttering, "One more time with feeling"; Simmons and Fields turning up at "Bohemia" with the requisite catered girls. Walking home down Collins Avenue at 5:00 a.m., content and struck with wonder, a mirage floating by, the It Girl and Keith in a covertible, madly laughing. It really is a great, big beautiful world.

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