Program Notes

Another big show, not quite that big takes place at Talkhouse tonight (Wednesday). Mary Karlzen and Forget the Name will play full-band, electric shows. Re-emerging superstar Nil Lara, guitar ace Mark Scandariato, and the impossibly sweet Carla Hall will add acoustic sets. Plus others,I won't tell you who, but I assure you that you know them. All that for six bucks.

Quickies that sticky: Tuff Luck's up in New Jersey, New Yawk, and Tampa, recording and touring. They'll be back April 12 to play Rosebud's. Deloris Telescope played a recent Monday night jam at the Square and, despite a dull crowd, delivered some incredible acoustic covers, reports one of my spies. Second Son and Lyrics for Lunch are organizing a benefit, and if you'd like to help out, call 974-0846.

Ronald Kaplan is shooting a film called Peace Town in, of all places, Miami/Fort Lauderdale. He's looking for a band or singer-songwriter to pen the title track and perform it. Send your qualifications, demos included if you want, to Peace Town, PO Box 172641, Miami FL 33017-2641. Kaplan says he would like someone who has or is about to get a recording contract.

This Saturday afternoon is Best Buddies Day at Bayfront Park. The Best Buddies program pairs up college students and people with mental disabilities, to the benefit of both. Great music: Mary Karlzen, Forget the Name, Secret Oktober, and Gerald Dimitri will perform live.

Butthorn of the week and the media circus: Don Shoemaker. This 197-year-old (okay, some say he's only 195) columnist for Knight-Ridder recently took on the always tricky topic of rock and roll via an op-ed page column in the Miami Herald, where Shoemaker worked from 1823 to 1867. Here are some of the more pungent excerpts: "Rock is noise, not music," "...this awful conglomeration...deteriorated into johnny one notes (and words) repeated and repeated...until the brain of any music-minded person began to fry," "musical abomination...hellish din." He went on to blame rock music for "the cultivation of illiteracy and vulgarity." (On the subject of cultivating wrongness, Shoemaker also took time to side with the truly dangerous American Family Association and its calls for censorship of the arts.) And on the subject of cultivating illiteracy, we could take Mr. Shoemaker to task for this: "...a building to cost between $80 million and $100 million and be located in Cleveland." Got to read up on correlative expressions and be prepositioning, Donny. You badly needed a "to" before the "be located." That's picayune, though. Everybody knows newspapers such as the Herald do more damage to the language of the land than any troubadour with an electric geetar ever could. No, the big goof in Shoemaker's ramblin' pan was the "johnny one note" gibberish. At the bottom of this column appears "one note" that Bruce Springsteen used in his undeniably rock-and-roll song "Born to Run." And here's the one word he repeated and repeated to that one note: "Beyond the Palace hemi-powered drones scream down the boulevard/Girls comb their hair in rearview mirrors and the boys try to look so hard/The amusement park rises bold and stark as kids are huddled on the beach in a mist/I wanna die with you Wendy on the streets tonight in an everlasting kiss." And not only that, but he guards dreams and visions, too. You should hear it.

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