Swelter 48

A perfect club episode, ruined by an assault on the VIP room, the heart of nothingness, with Prince A a bizarre little potentate in red leather A lounging en entourage. The great man miraculously brushing right past at one point, wafting cologne, a perfect opportunity for journalism-as-terrorism. But we are, for once, speechless, totally eclipsed by his presence, pained by the ultimate big time. Still, better off in the fame game than local legend Paul Campbell, something of a comfort. Campbell frolicking on the dance floor with a woman who captures sexy motherfucker's fancy, suddenly finding himself dancing alone when Prince's security forces cart the girl off to the VIP room for high jinks with the rich and famous. Taking the long view, the consolation of philosophy, Campbell summing up the whole path of pain and pleasure: "I've fallen into a dark void, a black hole of nightlife. But I've lived, had my moment, and now I can die.

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