Program Notes 48

Butthorn of the week: The rude people who worked backstage security at the Damn Yankees concert at Sunrise Musical Theatre.

The media circus: Did you hear, during her confirmation hearings, Janet Reno use the prosecutorial lingoism "buttheaded"? Surely she meant "butthorned."

Pet corner: The other day a homeless panhandler actually offered me money. I had told him what I had, just enough for cheap smokes and a burger, and he held out a handful of change and said, "Here, man, take what you need." I saw the same gentleman, whose name is Timothy, the next day, and he told me he was "blessed." Then he said how he had had three dollars and given two of them to a "lady 'round here. She don't ever ask for nothing, but I knew she needed it. I don't have it to give, big bro, but I did, 'cause that's my blessing." No, Timothy explained, he was not casting his bread, one good turning, or counting on the old goes-around-comes-around hypothesis. "No, no. It's not that I expect something back, big bro," he said. "I'm blessed because I can give something to someone." So instead of dropping him a dollar, I bought a can of cat food and fed some stray felines. That's the price of freedom.

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It's sad when people jump to conclusions and judge someone without ever getting to know them.  I wish your friend the best of luck.  Hopefully not everyone will treat him like that.  My brother is a police officer and works in a pretty tough neighborhood but still finds the dignity in people.

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