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So the Mavericks are a hit in the Caymans. What's wrong with America? Could it be A radio?

"One of the only things that's hard for me to accept is that after three singles maybe didn't get the kind of radio airplay that [MCA] wanted them to, then it's on to the next record. Well, I love this record. I'm proud of this record, and I don't want this record to die. So all of a sudden, Europe, Latin America, Canada A it's like a new life. Maybe they'll give it the chance it never had."

Regardless of how the Brits and Swiss react, the Mavs have positioned themselves as one of the favorites of the Nashville cognoscenti. George Jones's wife complained to Reynolds that her husband plays the band's tape constantly in his pickup truck, and Johnny Cash and Mary-Chapin Carpenter (not to mention Reynolds's significant other, Trisha Yearwood) have all paid respects.

"Bob and I still pinch each other when we meet these people," smiles Deakin.
"I don't know," says the self-effacing Reynolds. "Is it just industry pleasantries, or do they really like us?"

"It was fun to see our videos on VH-1, and it's always nice when you hear one of your songs for the first time somewhere outside of Miami, but the thing I got the biggest tingle out of was Northern Exposure," reveals Deakin, referring to the revolutionary television program's use of "Excuse Me (I Think I've Got a Heartache)" during a scene.

"It's been a great year," repeats Deakin on reflection.
If all goes well, the band will soon begin rehearsing their follow-up recording. Malo is currently hard at work collaborating on a new batch of songs with the likes of Heartbreaker Stan Lynch and NRBQ's Al Anderson.

"The songs he's got are some neat little tunes," says Reynolds. "Now all they need is the Mavericks' touch."

The Mavericks perform with Mary Karlzen at 10:00 p.m. Thursday and Friday at Stephen Talkhouse, 616 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 531-7557. Tickets cost $10.

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