The public was shocked. Country Walk parents demanded action. An election was near. Janet Reno was going to send someone to jail. No matter what.

Reno Consideration ( Part A) If she is confirmed as U.S. Attorney General, Janet Reno's ability to maintain discipline and impartiality among a vast bureaucracy of prosecutors will be tested like never before. The notorious cases examined here, drawn from

Ileana was sentenced to ten years in the state prison for women at Lowell. While incarcerated she divorced Frank and became a self-professed born-again Christian. In 1989, after serving three and a half years, she was released and deported by the INS to Honduras. She was accompanied by members of the First Baptist Church of Perrine, who befriended her in prison. Evangelical associates in Honduras then assumed sponsorship and have since financed her education. Ileana refuses to speak publicly about the Country Walk case, and church members in Florida and Honduras refuse to let the media talk to her directly.

Frank Fuster's conviction is being appealed. He remains in custody at the Henry Correctional Institute in Immokalee, though he is about to be transferred after an incident in which other inmates attacked and tried to choke him. In court documents filed this past November, Fuster's son, now fifteen years old, swore that his father never sexually abused him.

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The spectrum or bandwidth is publicly owned and administered, licensed, and assigned based on market share by the government. Telephone service has been a regulated utility since before we were all born. Being a public utility dictates that you provide service to everyone no matter how challenging that service is to provide. But Verizon, a wireless provider by origin, with the exception of the merged General Telephone, and Atlantic Bell territories, is a relative and reluctant new comer to the land line business. Verizon is shocked by the labor intensive nature of a public utility. Of course the government is so resistant to being a regulator these days, it seem to have forgotten how to work in the publics interest.


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