Swelter 46

Somewhat more attractive visuals at a Lincoln Road block party benefit for the upcoming Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Community Center, to be built between Jefferson and Michigan Avenue. A joint effort between, among others, Girls in the Night, Outpost, and Alternet Gay & Lesbian Radio 1080 AM. Cohostess Lisa Cox bouncing around a sea of charitably minded individuals and ecumenical go-go dancers, full of the 411 as usual. A social segue, brunch with Edie Beale, Edie taking in the passing parade of Ocean Drive and ruminating about the apocalypse in an entertaining way: "I never knew how much people would cheat and murder their fellow man; war and pestilence is coming. The ancients called this 'End Time.'" Somehow, the chit-chat sliding into a discussion of the All Dead Revue by performance artist Matthew Owens, a truly weird creation involving dancing corpses and stuffed horses. Unremarkable stuff, save for a resonant quote from a Nazi death camp survivor, an admonishment that shames the merely miserable: "Be happy, you who live in fine apartments, in ugly houses or in hovels, you who torture yourselves over metaphysical problems, who die a death as normal as life. Be happy, all of you: millions of people envy you.

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