Maiko Break

Sauteed duckling in brandy sauce lays no claim to low fats, only to delicacy. But also excellent is the pad lad nah, a transparent sen lek noodle topped with chicken and a light gravy. A comparable dish is Maiko Japanese's yakisoba, a sauteed buckwheat noodle with chicken, bean sprouts, and cabbage. To name one better than the other would be a crime. Both dishes deserve to serve time imprisoned on your palate.

So given Santon's predilection, why open a Thai restaurant? Why not another Japanese place? Clearly the challenge to create is stronger with the Thai. After all, Santon is serving a healthy imagination along with her pork with basil leaves. And she can enjoy the excitement of drawing a new crowd (or educating the same old one) to her establishment. Like any determined businesswoman, Santon is prepared to fight for what she wants and make the winning that much more enjoyable.

Certainly she has the experience. In Fort Lauderdale, she owned Bangkok Inn, and she also worked as a chef for South Beach's Thai Toni. To open another of her own Thai restaurants seemed a wise move at the time, even though with Thai Toni and Ruen Thai, there are now three within walking distance of each other. Time and patrons will tell, but thus far it's safe to say that Maiko Japanese may be symbolized by a young girl poised at adulthood, while Maiko Thai is an all natural woman.

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Maiko Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar

1255 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Category: Restaurant > Japanese

Region: South Beach

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