See Me, Heal Me

Lise-Marie Thomas, who can sing but often goes so sharp that your ears ring. Nevertheless, Wayne in the lead shows the energy and talent that used to make up a Broadway headliner, before the days of listless pretenders like Keith Carradine (who phoned in his "star" turn in Will Rogers Follies).

The most recent play reading hosted by the new Miami Skyline theatre in its search for a new work to present in their first season -- the Broadway and West End of London shocker Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman -- was so well presented at New Theatre more than a week ago that it surpassed most full productions. Chaz Mena directed the reading, which displayed the talents of Rafael de Acha, Andrew Noble, and Holly Iglesias. De Acha in particular performed as well as, if not better than, I've ever seen him, in the role of a mysterious doctor in a Third World nation who may or may not have been a rapist and torturer during the prior oppressive government regime. The play delivers mighty meaty stuff; let's hope Skyline picks this one to present in full regalia at Gusman next year.

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