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Yeah, it's tough being black or old, but the sundry tortures and disappointments and frustrations of this life become Special Pain when the victims are children. They just don't understand your world. This Saturday at 4:00 p.m. in Key West, the Itch, XSF, Six Silver Spiders, Le Coup, and Key West's own the Dirge will perform on the beach outside the East Martello Museum to raise funds for the Florida Keys Children's Shelter, which helps abused, neglected, and runaway kids. The shelter is already established in Plantation Key, and is now expanding to Key West. Money raised at Nothin' But a Jam '93 will go toward completion of the new location. Bus trips and hotel deals were being arranged late last week, call 293-0265 in the Keys for more info.

Stars and bars: Steven Jude and Rising take the stage at Plus Five tomorrow (Thursday). Rooster Head, Voidville, and Incognito have their way with the Cactus Cantina contingent on Saturday. The great jazz harpist Roberto Perera, whose successes have been chornicled in this paper for years, as if that means anything, celebrates the release of his latest, Dreams & Desires, at the Ocean Club in South Beach this Friday at 9:30 p.m. Call 534-4999.

Butthorn of the week: WLRN-FM radio for cutting five hours per week of mid-day jazz programming. I guess there's just so much jazz out there that WLRN felt the show redundant. Jazzman Eric Allison, however, feels betrayed, and he's campaigning to get the program reinstated. Join him, jazz fans. Write to WLRN-FM, 172 NE 15th St., Miami, FL 33132 or call 995-2206.

The media circus: Transmit the message to the receiver, workin' the same job from mornin' to mourn. At the tail end of a blinding sixteen-hour workday I found myself in the heart of downtown Miami, on the street, near midnight, talking to a roofer as we waited and waited and waited for public transportation. It was Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, but helping the poor Negroes was the last thing on my mind. I was kickin' Griff on my brobox, until me and this roofer got to talking, trading the merits of indoor vs. outdoor work, chatting about long hours and hard days. Roofing's about the hardest work there is, but I whined about office duty not being a cool breeze, either. At least you make good money, the guy noted. I told him exactly how much I make. He laughed at me. I felt proud.

Pet corner: Vivisection is not violent. And everything you read in the newspapers is true.

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