To Catch a Cop: Part 2

Janet Reno didn't file charges against Opa-locka cop Charles Jones, but the city manager fired him anyway. Guess who's smiling now.

He says he is confident FDLE's Standards and Training Commission will soon formalize its decision to revoke Jones's certification. But he remains annoyed at Reno's inaction: "Janet Reno's office has failed to follow up on this, and that's put a definite dent in my faith in the system. Ms. Reno may have sent a couple of her guys over here to ask some questions, but she never called me back after she reopened the case. Never ever. And I'm the guy with the evidence."

Reno's response: "I'll have someone see what Dennis's concern is and follow up on that."

Within minutes, the FDLE panel ruled there was probable cause to revoke Jones's certification to be a police officer.

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