Program Notes

We'd like to plug Glenn Richards's Sunday night show on WSHE-FM. Unless one of the following already occurred this past Sunday (before press time but after deadline), expect in the near future to hear interviews with and music by Rooster Head and Farrcry.

Hype is in during the holidays. The Miami Rocks, Too! committee continues narrowing the field, weeding and culling until they find the ten local acts most ready for the proverbial big time. They're also looking for a major act, maybe, to inaugurate the festivities, a keynote speaker for same, and they're emphasizing the seminar aspects. Just a reminder and update, as promised.

Saturdays present options, too. This week Marie Nofsinger plays at 8:00 p.m. at the Eastside Coffeehouse (454 NE 58 St. 576-8364) and then opens the mike for other folksters. Also Saturday, Linda Lou Nelson celebrates her birthday (finally legal, eh double-L?) with Mr. Twister at Cactus Cantina. And Ditto plays the Compass in West Palm Beach.

Columbia House is offering a CD called Hot New Country that features an unreleased track by Trisha Yearwood! Ahem. Along with other "hear today, stars tomorrow" (their slogan, not mine) on the compilation is some group called the Mavericks, who sound pretty good singing some song called "This Broken Heart."

Butthorn of the week: This is not an animal-rights item. Butthorns you could worship go out to the Santeria slobs who most recently dumped not one, but two, fat dead chickens at a crossroads in my neighb. Hey, I know the Kentucky Fried argument, and I'm not bemoaning the murder of the feathered ones. But what if somebody's kitty cat goes to check out the disgusting pile, and gets hit by one of the assholes who drive down my street at 75? What about disease (hello, hello, is there really such a thing as a health department in this shitwater town?)? What about gross out? My own theology calls for rock-socking squares upside the head and stealing their wallets. Many follow my faith. Religious freedom? Gotta draw a line somewhere, mis dear unHobbesian blanco-bedecked socios.

The media circus: How about that finesse hype by WBFS-TV (Channel 33) for this past Marilyn Monroe Sunday? During weeks preceding, the station teased the movie marathon featuring films starring my personal god (not muggers, Marilyn). But they did so by barely saying a word: First it was just "Marilyn Monroe Sunday -- Coming Soon." A week later, "Marilyn Monroe Sunday -- Begins at 1:00 p.m." Any less subtle and I could've plugged the thing before it happened. Kudos for good taste to the Heat station anyway.

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