What's It All About, Albee?

Welcome to George and Martha of Virginia Woolf minus the passion, the audacity, and the high stakes. In other words, welcome to nothing.

Through a combination of packed houses for its last hit, Balm in Gilead, and a reduction in rent, ACME Acting Company is inching toward more solid ground, and South Florida should rejoice. One way to help celebrate their miraculous resurrection (actually, they've returned from the brink of disaster several times now) is to catch the next production, John Patrick Shanley's Welcome to the Moon, opening November 27. Unlike the dark Balm, Moon consists of six short Shanley pieces, all revolving around the different faces of love and friendship; and according to director Albert Acevedo, the play actually "shares love with the audience." Lead actor Peter Paul de Leo adds, "It's a very sweet show." Still, audiences must remember this is Shanley, so none of the characters exhibits common or boring traits. In the hands of ACME, Moon should offer a distinctly original experience for the holiday season. For more information, call 531-2393.

Meanwhile, ACME and the emerging Miami Skyline Theatre continue their hunt for new playwrights: ACME for its annual festival, Skyline for its first full season next year at the Gusman. Catch Killgarden by Thomas Hinton -- one of Skyline's ongoing readings of new plays -- at the Barbara Gillman Gallery (939 Lincoln Rd.) December 14 at 6:30 p.m. For more info on this and future readings from Skyline, call 358-7529.

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