Let There Be Light

So basically, it was a good week for the living. ACME presented more modern art, and the Miami Light Project, with an expanded budget, moves the arts forward. Witnessing such momentum in the right direction, I no longer miss my family at the Chariot. I have hope.

BALM IN GILEAD by Lanford Wilson, directed by Juan Cejas; with Max Grimm, Ernesto Fernandez, Kim Coltrin, Aymee Garcia, Lara Figueredo, Teo Castellanos, Frank Marty, Ricky Martinez, Johnny Mendoza, Peter Paul de Leo, David Atchison, Eric B. Fliss, Lionel Goldbart, Bette Pipes, Larry Miller, Jr., Janet Raskin, James Paul Beloix, Allison Scheeren, Ellen Rae Littman, Horacio Segal, James Sweet, John Morrow, and Carol Cadby. At the ACME Acting Company, 955 Alton Road, Miami Beach, until November 14. Performances Thursday -- Saturday 8:15 p.m., Sunday 7:15 p.m. Tickets cost $15, with discounts available. Call 531-2393.

MIAMI LIGHT PROJECT For information about workshops and upcoming events, call 865-8477.

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