In the portrait gallery of Hell, Elvis, Halston, Roy Cohn, Bing Crosby, and the where's-the-beef lady. A Madonna suite, equipped with a bedroom, and the devil's sitting room, an old bucolic-scene painting modernized with images of nuclear plants. Lights pinpointing ram's heads and demented human eyes, a fountain spewing blood-red liquid, a sequenced-slide projection of a devil licking his face, and avarice embodied with a portrait of Satan throwing curios over Miami Beach. Outside, a Viking ship bar with a skull on top.

Themeville without overkill, the right club aesthetic: "In a dance club, the theme should never get in the way. If you have the right crowd, you can have a good time in a concrete box with a radio. Hell is a Victorian concept anyway. In the modern world, there's really no difference between Heaven and Hell."

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