Tricking up on a different coast, the ultimate career goal for any social beast. From there, replenished and feeling positively wholesome, back to the nightmare of road dust, missed flight connections, nasty business, and the oppressiveness of the everyday. Hell Town booming. Artist Roly Chang Barrero and Olga Garay of the Miami-Dade Community College Wolfson campus, coordinating a Hurricane Arts Auction at the school's Centre Gallery, set for November 4 and featuring the work of Carlos Betancourt and Tomata du Plenty. Another hurricane relief fund raiser at The Bay Club, organized by the Miami Film Society. A roasted-pig theme party at Cassis, the next soiree taking place on September 29, with the theme being "The Silence of the Lamb." The Zoo debuting in the old Grove Cinema space on October 2, featuring blues nights, acoustic nights, and techno music on weekends. A closing-night party for the Island Club, "The Last Dance at the Island of Lost Souls" on September 28, the building purchased by the Bongo Jeans/Farfalla Trattoria restaurant chain. John Herman and Diane Iannucci of Hombre, good-naturedly laughing about being banned from the club. Leroy Griffith of the Paris Moderne, currently negotiating three offers for the space: a recording studio/club, a multiplex movie theater, a southern branch of Facade. Barbara Gillman opening up in the Sterling Building on Lincoln Road. Bain Douche of Paris converting the Financial Federal building on Washington Avenue into a Miami outpost of the renowned Euro-glam club, opening in January or February, with Charles Schreiner of The Strand as local point man. Betsey Johnson opening a boutique on Eighth and Washington, Armani at Eighth and Collins. Fran Clougherty of DACRA closing the deal with the ultra-trendy Boom of New York, the restaurant opening a Miami Beach branch at 1518 Washington sometime this winter. The season fast approaching, but still, the city hot, unpleasant, shattered. Oh, the horror, the horror.

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