Daniels, a part-time Miami resident and an investor in several publishing ventures, turning out to be the nicest possible guy. "It was a time of big sweeping statements, the last vestige of the Sixties happenings. The Grove was in its heyday; now it's horrendous. There must have been 400 to 500 people coming and going, the faces always seemed to be changing. Things got a little out of control and wide open at one point. But there was an ease then. People are much tighter now, and fun is also more tightly controlled. That party had a weird chemistry, a current of attraction running through the evening. Over the years, an odd mythology has grown around that night -- it has a life of its own in memory, a really different kind of creature. But it was an event of its era. Parties have changed along with the rest of the world. You wouldn't dream of going to something like that any more. I avoid big parties myself now; they're not healthy. Looking back, it might as well have been the Twenties."

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