Program Notes

September is Women in Music month, so set up a cot at the Cactina, and take a gander at the "Concert Calendar."

Shows here and there: Naked Rhythm shakes up an all-ages gig on Saturday at the legendary Treehouse. Picasso Trigger checks in at Uncle Sam's on Friday and the Good Food Sports Pub in Lake Worth on Saturday. Load and Pontius Pilot appear at Uncle Sam's tomorrow (Thursday).

This week begins the recording of the second Live at the Square CD/cassette. That's 40 local bands over five days, at Washington Square, of course.

Last week we touched on the Bushwick Bill single "Ever So Clear" and the video, which we noted would appear on MTV real soon. (Sarcasm 101, kids.) The hype says that MTV did, of course, reject the video, demanding that the scene of the eyeball floating in a glass of Everclear be chopped out, sort of like the way Bushwick's eyeball was shot out in real life. "Being that MTV was founded by a guy with one eye," Bill says, "why should they not want people to see this? I think that's messed up."

Butthorn of the week: There's an incredible photo exhibit of Bob Marley touring the nation. (The Songs of Freedom 78-cut box set and Time Will Tell home video are both due out in late September; Marley has never been so alive.) The butthorn, as of late last week, is Miami. Miami, where I spend 400 days a year, has not one gallery or exhibitor prepared to display this showcase, so it ain't coming here, unless somebody wises up. This is why Webster's publishes a special regional dictionary for South Florida, one that does not contain the word "culture."

The media circus: Still more national teevy exposure for the Dade County Jail's ICTV Network, this time in prime time. America's Most Wanted will air a feature profile of the internal operation this Friday at 8:00 p.m. on WSVN-Channel 7. (There's a joke in here somewhere, but I don't have time to find it.)

The media circus, sports dept.: Larry "Lumbar" Legend made this past his last year so his famous jersey could be ret ired in the Garden, rather than the new venue the Celtics move into next season. That's about the best insight on the fallen Bird story I've heard. To guys like lifelong Celts devotee and New Times star center Pat "Choirboy" Flood, who expect a wisecrack here: No thanks. Even as a forever Lakers fan turned Heat cheerer, I have nuttin' but respect for ol' 33.

Pet corner: This past Saturday was Homeless Pet Day. To Liz Martinez, who found it (in a parking lot), and Patrick Hardy, who kept it: Thanks for saving the life of one cat. He'll pay you back a thousand times, he'll teach you the deepest secrets of life.

Greg Brown lyric of the week: "One cool remove -- put me, put me/One cool remove -- put me there/And forever let me stay/One cool remove away.

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