Sort of like the Sixties-theme birthday party for Erinn Cosby at 8 1/2 Otto Mezzo. Cosby, outlandish in sausage curls and a black jumpsuit, bouncing around the odds and ends of what constitutes South Beach society: hairdressers, the get-a-grip contingent, and Tara Solomon, back from a tour of Greece with mystery beau. Host Norma Jean Abraham of Details, DetailsInc. putting out some clever table arrangements, a nod to her background in charity affairs. Gary James heading off to Europe. George Nunez of Warsaw fighting the good fight, the battle with Paragon now reportedly escalating to the point of Warsaw ads being torn out of David magazine. Midway through the party a faux cop showing up to arrest Erinn. This being downtown, lots of guilty faces around the table, until the cop/hired stripper begins peeling off his clothes and dancing about. Just another sex theme show. From there, things winding down to the fashion-hangover stage, Verlaine's summation of the ceaseless whirl: "All is drunk. All is eaten. There is no more." Until, of course, the next party.

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