Disgusted, hot, cranky, but carrying on regardless. A chat with noted documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman, responsible for such landmark movies as Titicut Follies, Near Death, and Central Park. Mr. Wiseman currently working on a project dealing with Miami, to be aired on PBS sometime this winter. The documentary focuses on Metrozoo, something of a disappointment for seekers of the offensive: "Why am I doing it? Because it's a good zoo. It's not an expose in any sense of the word, although I don't think any of my other films have really been either." Exposition problems, coincidentally enough, coming up with an I Am Curious Yellow reader, wondering about sex and applied mathematics: "In your article, you write about a `geometrically progressive sex session.' Could you please be so kind and explain the meaning of it? I must admit that it sounds great, but I don't know what it means." Geometric, in this context, suggesting a limitless number of simultaneous partners, freed from the constraints of basic one-plus-one mathematics. Sounds better than great, and the mere thought of the possibilities is enough to beam the imaginative right out of the real-life-as-walking-nightmare scenario. Absolutely clueless as to the best way to achieve this state of perfect being. People who don't do, teach. Or worse yet, write.

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