Program Notes

Natural Causes, which is how I want to go, has just completed a six-song cassette at Criteria, and begins this week a series of Saturday nights at Island Club. The dual-guitar-attack sextet hasn't announced a release date for the tape, but I bet you know where to find updates. If you should live so long.

The Baja Beach Club in Fort Lauderdale begins this week a series of twilight concerts on Sundays. Jim Dandy's Black Oak Arkansas is first up. Doors open early -- we're talking 5:00 p.m. -- and admission is free.

The Slang gang has shot (on film!) a "video" for "Rest Your Head" and intends to slab a vinyl single. The tune is already receiving airplay on 27 stations around the nation.

Some more hype behind Rock for Choice Weekend coming up July 24-26 at Uncle Sam's. Add to that list of bands from last week's "Program Notes" these acts: I Don't Know, Big Tall Wish, DV 8's, Beat Poets, Shotgun Wedding, Headway, Wet Flower, Falling Corpses, and Black Janet. And because we're on the hype tip anyway, I should mention that the guest hosts are, on Friday, Jeffrey Harrell, and, on the other two nights, Todd Anthony and some other goofball from NewTimes. Call 532-0973 to protest.

Butthorn of the week: Oliver "Above All Laws Made By Man or God" North. Sometimes I'm not quite sure whether to laugh, cry, or just go ahead and put the .45 to my temple and pull the trigger. I certainly know which of those options should be applied to the treasonous Ollie North. And unlike the band -- and newspapers should start getting this right -- Body Count, I'm not being symbolic. Take this scumsucker, who has betrayed his country too much already, out in the parking lot and shoot him. Put him out of our misery. North and his 120,000-member band of rebels, the ill-named Freedom Alliance, are now saying -- and I swear to the Ayatollah I ain't making this up -- that Time Warner, owner of Body Count's label, should be charged with sedition for releasing a song called "Cop Killer." Really! I swear! Talk about the white criminal calling the artist black. Not that I'm suggesting North and his goon squad, represented by censor-attorney Jack Thompson, are racist. Just really stupid and hypocritical. Mostly stupid.

The media circus: We heard last week that some loser went around emptying New Times boxes in South Miami and Miami Beach. That was the issue with the story explaining how George "What Will I Be Doing in 1993?" Bush and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen owe us some serious explaining about how they abuse our money, "our" meaning taxpayers. (Wow! Death and taxes, a two-theme "Program Notes"!) We hear this criminal didn't even bother to take the "Vote for Bushy Boy" bumpersticker off the getaway car. (Note to readers: When you see something like this, try to get a license plate number.) I guess it's not Bushy's fault, but it certainly reflects on him when his supporters, or at least one of them, is so childish, and a lawbreaker to boot.

Pet corner: Julia Allen Field said it: "We cannot glimpse the essential life of a caged animal, only the shadow of its former beauty."

Greg Brown lyric of the week: From "Who Woulda Thunk It" on 1985's In the Dark with You: "We used to say I could eat horse/And we could and we did/At fast food joints in the middle of someplace on the way to someplace else/Now we say I could eat a horse/It's not true/We can't eat a horse, no, 'cause we don't want to/We want something from the cookbook/That new one with the great graphics.

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