Female Trouble

It remains a mystery whether the men who wrote the first two pieces meant them as a warning to macho mentality: If you use and abuse women in ways that break hearts, their minds will follow. Lorca, on the other hand, certainly cautioned against warped power struggles -- in the end, they're what killed him.

A final note on the jamboree. More good than bad popped out of this international box, and attendance remained strong. In the constant but often futile battle to become a stage capital, Miami showed a strong Latin front. Playwrights wrote effective drama, actors passionately paralleled reality, and directors took risks. Most of all, audiences did the only thing needed to encourage real theater -- they came.

Unless you love Patty Duke, Uncle Bernie's Fourth of July picnic, and Catskill resort murder mysteries, do yourself a favor and steer clear of Sensations, at the Doubletree Hotel, 2649 South Bayshore Drive, Coconut Grove, every Friday beginning July 10. And unless you have $49.95 per person to waste on watery drinks, camp-style chicken, and beef stew, along with some old fruit covered in Bosco, don't call 858-9032 for reservations. Basically a thin plot joins caricatures of tabloid celebrities (now isn't that worthless?) who sing badly, talk to you over dinner, touch you up, give you condoms, drag you to another floor for a seance -- are you believing this? -- and then shoot each other with cap guns. They told me it was a musical comedy. Producer Deborah Dockerill (a nice, pretty lady) probably hopes it will be an interact-with-the-audience, pseudo-theater hit, like Tony and Tina's Wedding (forget that the New York production of the latter was a lot more fun and featured much-better actors who knew how to improvise with the patrons). Only a good Roseanne Arnold imitation (if there is such a thing) by Sandy Singer and a scary dominatrix by Geneve provided any fun. This is an evening that would humiliate most people I know.

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