Dennis Doheny of Paragon insisting on the club's democratic admission policies: "Our doors are open to everyone. We don't want to make anyone feel excluded." Paragon doorperson and drag legend Kitty Meow, bewitched, bewildered, and a little bored: "Anti-drag? Come on -- look at these eyebrows." The alleged better-blatant-than-latent set at the Miami Beach Police Department quite philosophical about the unseemly allegations, as evidenced by public information officer Al Boza: "If you're going to work drugs, you need to look, act, and behave like the people you're dealing with. I don't want to second guess the arresting officer, but you have to remember that the anger of the arrestees could influence their opinions and views. And every individual has their own perceptions and impressions anyway." South Beach, in the end, just one big misunderstanding.d

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