Program Notes

Independence Day is more than just the name of an old Bruce Springsteen song. It's a chance to see Holy Terrors, Velvet Taxi, Picasso Trigger, and Little Sister sharing a bill at the Square. Or, if four blazin' locals aren't enough for you, try the Rock Box, which is closing (for a brief while, we hope) with a bang-up blast featuring Eyes of Pandora, Little Sister (busy day, huh?), Grand Fanelli, Allied Force, Crossblades, Sinful Lust, Freedom Cage, Mistreater, and Amboog-a-lard, in that order, beginning at 2:00 p.m., rain or shine. The price is a very mere $5, culinary supplements available.

Don't get angry at me, but I intend to spend my Fourth of July slobbering drunk. At least I have an excuse: The folks at Pier 66 in Fort Lauderdale have somehow managed to convince me (of all people) to help judge a bartender mix-off in the resort's Cafe 66. There'll be fireworks and such, too, all of it to help raise fuel for the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra. Call 525-6666.

Scene shaker and reliable source Adam Matza has bolted outta here, gone to New Yawk. I don't know what I did to peeve him. Wish him luck.

A busy holiday weekend for Black Janet. They play -- along with Wet Flower, Plastic Nude Martini, and Big Tall Wish -- at the Plus 5 on Friday, and -- with Jessie Strange -- at the Cameo on Saturday.

Butthorn of the week: Who else but? I inadvertently ignored Saigon Kick's June 26 concert. I failed to plug the finals of the PACE R&B competition. I neglected completely Cachao's appearance. I face the disgrace.

The media circus: Al Goldstein, citing personal reasons, has abandoned his campaign to unseat Nick Navarro as Broward sheriff. All is lost.

Pet corner: A preview of the Florida Philharmonic fund raiser, which includes a "Best Bartender Joke or Story" competition" "Horse walks into bar. Bartender says, `Hey, why the long face?'

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