Shaw 'Nuff

As the sisters, Rosie Inguanzo as Lucila projects volcanic appeal, and totally bilingual actress Evelyn Perez commands respect and pity as the dutiful but wise Aurora. El Extravio may return to our area after the festival - one reason I'm recommending it. Another motive is to direct even non-Spanish speakers to the following week of plays. Though the dialogue may remain a mystery, the explosive, energetic meaning cuts through nonetheless. (Next week, reviews of festival highlights constitute this column.)

At one point in Bonaparte, the General and his female tormentor sit by a stark wooden table almost touching, breathless as they watch a small fire burn. During El Extravio, hungry Aurora sits atop a saddle and softly asks her male visitor, "Do you like to ride?" From London to Havana, authors of such subtle flames conjure only on a live stage, which is why, unlike Shaw, I love the job.

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