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"And who is the hound/At the downtown dog pound/Who speaks English when the watchman's not in sight/And where will you be/In 1993?" Just one of the many great lyrics from one of my fave bands of the Eighties, Soul Asylum. What ebber happened to 'em? I mean, the last time I thought of S.A. was about 400 years ago when Evie Altman wrote this column and we all went to Club Nu - yes, the old Club Nu - to see the band live, and I almost had to kick guitarist Dan Murphy's ass when he dissed South Florida and indicated the band wouldn't be back through. (Actually, I threatened him because I'd heard he thought a story I wrote about them was not good, but Murphy strongly denied they felt that way, so I had to look for another excuse.) Well, sports, the Asylum is now on Columbia, Bruce Springsteen's label, and they're recording a new album. Maybe they'll release two recs simultaneously like Bruce did? Of course then we'll have to publish their obituary.

Celebrated Tampa recording studio Morrisound, the world capital of death metal, recently hosted sessions for metal studs Warrant. The studio has garnered deserved respect for its work with Bay-area bands and, of corpse, international acts such as Sepultura. If the Morrisound gang can make Warrant sound good, they'll really prove something.

Butthorn of the week: Me, for canceling out on yet another opportunity to make a media appearance. I apologize to the nice folks at WIOD-AM's Night Rhythm and to y'all.

The media circus: Happy tenth anniversary to Rock and Roll Confidential. By way of celebration, RRC is offering one-year subscriptions for $19.95. Write to Box 341305, L.A., CA 90034 if you care about music and hate censorship.

Pet corner: The Animals' Agenda reports that a hunter fired his gun into a badger hole in southern Texas. The hole contained a "killer bee" hive. The hunter was stung 400 to 500 times.

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