On to the birthday party for event coordinator Norma Jean Abraham and Norman Bedford of Egoiste at the "Pleasure Dome," the Monday-only party at The Spot. Kitty Meow as Marilyn Monroe. Hetero-sex dancers in black leather, a novel touch, pushing around huge wicker balls. Erinn Cosby talking about low-rent behavior and tabloid notoriety: "I'm sitting on a beach in Greece and hearing about this story on my life in the National Enquirer, so I've been going on TV - Phil Donahue, Entertainment Tonight - just to tell my side of it."

My side of it coming up a lot at La Cage Risquee, the pumped-up version of the regular La Cage show. A tableau with Marilyn Monroe taking pills and making the final call to Peter Lawford. Hostess Electra/Joan Rivers in fine form, messing with the South Beach regulars: "No holds barred tonight, even in Tara's crotch. Isn't she like Mr. Rogers in drag? This bitch is so goody-goody her nipples have happy faces on them.... Monique, how long has your friend worked for UPS? Maybe we should get out the Vanessa Williams videos and have a party. You want to munch carpet? If you can find it, you can have it.... Bruce, face it, you play pool in Hombre, you're queer. Remember, all's fair in love, war, and comedy." Another great evening, the deep satisfaction that comes from escaping ridicule and wallowing in the battering of nice people. Something akin to bliss. And then home to bed, to a sleep without dreams.

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