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One station distorted the image without weakening its report. That was Channel 4, which has been kicking butt generally as of late. "Everybody at Channel 4 is doing very good work right now," says correspondent David Bloom, adding his concern that he might sound like a flack. "We're on fire in terms of the energy here. The last couple of weeks we've broken some major stories, like Susan Wallace on the Dade County Jail." Nice of him to share the credit, but Bloom himself is chief buttkicker on the local airwaves right now. He blew the Joe Gersten story open on Wednesday and continues to regularly contribute fine reports for NBC's network programming. So even though they did show a brief snippet of some grotesque bedsores the other day, I'm sticking with Channel 4.

The media circus revisited: Here's a shocker I've still got stuff to say about the riot-lootin' and its fallout. Jesse Jackson appeared on Arsenio Hall's show, and I had the misfortune of seeing it. Jackson and Hall are white-owned losers who feed racism with their step-and-fetch-it, Nipsy Russell bullshit. The brothers and sisters on the street know what time it is, these Oreos don't. Sorry for the slurs, but these guys really, really disgust me. Meanwhile, a dark-skinned woman caught in a passing newsbit during other teevy coverage hit it so clean when she said, "Black leaders? What do they mean `black leaders'? What are we, aliens?" There is no black and white - check your blood, blood. It's all mixed up. All mixed up. "Black leaders." Forever or until terms and semantics such as that are gone from the language, we as a species will remain lost in our own collective stupidity.

et corner: Hey, Trigger, welcome to the Todd Anthony household. Cute puppy, here boy, c'mon big fella. Hope you read this. Or at least take a dump on it (like humans often do).

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