A Miami Arts Asylum second anniversary party at the Espanola Way Arts Center: socialite Ilene Luby with a young companion, architect Bernard Zyscovich, who is now working on the Portofino project in South Pointe, affable artist Christopher Estridge, whose show at the World Gallery opens May 7. No gangs. The last Avenue A party of the season at Penrod's, Gary James embodying the big question, the whole Miami-as-beautiful-place-or-horrifying-nightmare issue. Not happy with former partner Mickey Rourke, who was quoted in USA Today saying that he'd like to sandblast their friendship tattoo off James's arm. Not real crazy about former E.S.P. partner Lee Schrager either.

A thoughtful moment, then James, as usual, bouncing back: "All these people coming down here now, talking about the Beach. They don't know anything about this city. But I don't get bogged down in all that negative stuff. I'm about Miami, I'm about positive.

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