Kickin' (Out) Booty

Rapper Jacquim and Mr. Fontobomb turn a def ear to Miami's rap rep. This posse's got something new to say.

Q. And you're down with the action on the street?
A. Right.
Q. Ever consider trying Luke?

A. We don't really want to mess with Luke 'cause he's goin' through his own little problems. And of all the acts he's had, I haven't seen one of them that's gone on to be a big success, except for 2 Live Crew, of course.

Q. From your record, I take it you're a Curtis Mayfield fan?
A. Yeah, you could say I'm a fan of all kinds of music - jazz, hip-hop, reggae, even country if it sounds good.

Q. What's your favorite hip-hop record of the moment?
A. I can't really say, there's so many, and we don't want to slight anyone.
Q. Do you like the metal rap stuff - Body Count, Public Enemy/Anthrax?

A. Yeah, that's cool. You can put hip-hop into anything to make it sound good, as long as you know what your doin'. If you don't know what you're doin', it's gonna sound like crap. Those guys know that they're doin'.

Q. Tim Dog?
A. I figured it was bound to come. Somebody was gonna say, "fuck Compton," sooner or later.

Q. Yeah, Ice-T is one thing, but N.W.A. don't sound legit any more.
A. No, they don't seem too convincing. You can look and listen to a brother and tell if it's truly them talking. You just have to look.

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