After reading reactions you published regarding the Andrew Morello case ("Letters," April 22) and listening to talk-radio reaction, I am appalled at the number of people who think it's quite all right to kill someone for stealing a car ("Justice Undone," April 15).

These are sick people, products of the same sick system that creates the people who think it's okay to steal your car. I know many people can't wait for someone to break into their house so they can have the "pleasure" of murdering the scumbag who wants to trade their VCR for chemicals to feed his addiction.

My question is, who's the bigger scumbag? Pot calls kettle black! Film at eleven!

Mark McGowan

Jim DeFede's "Justice Undone" was a piece of art. There were no politics here; DeFede told it like it was. I also read "Justice Undone: Part 2" (April 22) and hope all this work is not in vain and some justice comes out of it. DeFede also saved the sanity of Andrew Morello's family and friends. For a while there we looked like obsessed, crazy people. As Andrew's cousin, I thank DeFede with all my heart.

Some of the letters you printed in response to "Justice Undone" were written by ignorant idiots who obviously do not have children. The mentality of those people is the danger to society. No one ever disputed the fact that Andrew and his friends were doing wrong, but I would give anything to visit him in jail instead of the cemetery.

The inquests today are an improvement since 1982, but are far from perfect. I only hope State Attorney Janet Reno is big enough to admit an injustice was done March 30 and will do something to correct it.

There definitely needs to be a clean-up instead of cover-up regarding police actions. This is ruining the 98 percent of great cops trying to do a good job. Police and communities need to work together. Actions like this only tend to have people lose respect for authority.

Carla Izzo
North Miami

I am not related to Andrew Morello in any way, but Andrew was a part of my family's life, just as my son was and is a part of his family's life. The two boys were close friends. Andrew was not a bad boy, just a normal teen-ager. He was a good boy and always a welcome sight in my home. He always had a smile on his face and love in his heart.

I was always pleased when my son was with Andrew. I had hoped some of his politeness would rub off on my son. My son was welcomed into Andrew's home as well, and I never worried while he was there. I knew that when he was in the Morellos' home he was in good hands. He received as much love in their home as their own children received. Their hearts and home were always open.

Andrew, my son's friend, is gone now, and two of his other friends are being charged with felony murder. This is becuase of the kids' doing something stupid and a police officer's panicking and not thinking before acting.

Andrew is gone but will never be forgotten by me, my son, my family, and the many, many people who loved him. He made a mistake and paid with his life. Officer Laura Russell is alive and she won't be forgotten either, by me, my son, my family, and also the many people who loved Andrew.

The two people made mistakes. One paid with his life. How will the other person pay?

Rae Gallagher
North Miami

I'm always disturbed and fascinated by the letters I read every week in this column. This time, however, I must speak up. No one questions the guilt of Andrew Morello and friends. No one questions the fact that these guys need to be held responsible for their criminal actions. But for letter writers Gambits, Lent, and like-minded shitheads to actually say that Morello's murder at the hands of an overzealous cop was justified sets me on edge!

We have something in this country called due process, whereby even the bad guys (for better or worse) have rights. At the least they're entitled to a fair trial. Morello never even had a chance. Martin A. Quinones asked in his letter what we would like officers like William Lozano and Laura Russell to do - offer lollipops to fleeing criminals? No, you idiot, we would like all officers to do what they're training indicates: uphold the law and bring those who break it to justice.

What also pisses me off is that those running the system can get away with their own injustices. Gary Rosenberg shows little regard for hard evidence and questionable testimony. Judge Perry is a useless puppet who couldn't or wouldn't open his eyes to the bullshit around him.

There are a lot of things I love about my hometown, but I fear for its future when simple-minded voters forget how to be humane, and high-powered players can manipulate laws to suit their needs.

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