Major league atmosphere in a totally different country, gay and straight. Dancer and impresaria Mary Luft, whose Radio Cultura programs from the Sao Paulo Bienal will air this Friday on WLRN, wearing out an aging Latin roue on the dance floor. A friend from Newport, Rhode Island, doing a game cha-cha with somebody else. An editor we worked with at the London Sunday Times, talking about cultura central. A whole host of cozy associations come to mind: the drag comedian Barry Humphries, the Victoria & Albert museum, Channel Four; Martin Amis. The music cranks up a bit, the pace of the dance quickens, and everyone joins the whirl. London and the world of real civilization seems hopelessly far away, but it no longer matters. This moment in Miami - urgent, brilliant, overwhelming - is everything, and there's suddenly no reason to be anywhere else.

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