Fire It Up

Didjits are a smoking band who wouldn't mind talking about something else for a change

Maybe we will. But for now, to get to the heart and soul of Didjits, we've asked Mr. Sims to lie on a couch and play word association. Actually, band association.

* The gangsta rap trio that, like Didjits, illustrates some of its material with cannabis leaves and, unlike Didjits, shells for NORML, Cypress Hill: "Don't know them."

* Made-up hard-rock progenitors who are currently in the midst of a major hype campaign, KISS: "Idols, an inspiration to me, especially at an early age."

* The band whose "Mr. DNA" Didjits cover, Devo: "Same thing as KISS. And they were my introduction into the punk rock thing."

* Another band Didjits have covered, the Dickies: "I just recently started getting into them. We were always being compared to them, so I was wondering, Who the hell are these guys?"

* The band Didjits are currently touring with, Alice Donut: "They're very good, one of the best live acts that exist today. I'm not just saying that. That's why we had an interest in playing with them. We wouldn't play with a band for the hey of it."

* The world's most popular poseur, Hammer: "Don't know him."

* The band whose music matters least, Nirvana: "What else can be said? You know what's going to happen. I saw a kid the other day with his hair cut like Nirvana. The whole thing is hilarious. There'll be another one next year. But don't get me wrong, I'm not taking anything away from them and what they are. Now they're big and famous, so there's a certain amount of jealousy. People don't address how the album was musicwise. It's just long hair, and fame and fortune is fleeting. I liked the last album on its merits, the new one isn't as wild and crazy, it's more accessible. That's fishy. But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt."

* The Beatles: "The reason I'm playing music. Those were the first records I ever bought. Best band in the world."

* The coolest hard-rock, make-me-feel-young band this side of Didjits, Freaky Fukin Weirdoz: "Don't know 'em."

* A band whose fourth album, Full Nelson Reilly, has lit my soul on fire, and whose live rep precedes them in a big way, Didjits: "Financially dissatisfied. Philosophically trying.

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