Lizard Kings

The Screaming Iguanas of Love might not be circus freaks, but they are in the center ring

The first album did well enough, obviously, to facilitate a follow-up, which, Reinel promises, "will feature a cover that was shot at a strip club" and may be available as soon as late May or early June. Titled Glad You Weren't There, the long player's first single will be on green vinyl, and is called "Nitro Burning Funny Cars," backed with two non-LP rockabilly tunes cut live in the studio.

Meanwhile the band continues to divert itself and its fans with Reinel's series of comic books (he possesses a natural ability to draw, but dislikes painting and other forms due to the patience required), the group's newsletters (Reinel says the propaganda is slapstick, not in a Dead Milkmen sense, but more like Letterman, with the idea being, "If you don't like us, we don't care"), and constant touring (they've been rambling since day one, but have recently moved up to an Aerostar van, a sure sign of success).

Still, all the branching out remains secondary to the Iguanas' essential purpose. Maybe their secret lies in the song "Our Gang," a sort of band anthem that avoids the self-indulgence of, say, Infectious Grooves' "Infectious Grooves" and the trite specificness of, say, Too Much Joy's "Theme Song." The Iguanas' "Our Gang" could be the band's bio-as-anthem, or it could be something more. That's up to you.

What's up to the band is how they live within the context of their art. Success is measured many ways. "It's all such a gamble, the best thing is not to worry about it," Reinel says. "Bands worry about success instead of music. I say music first; they'll come to you. Our fan mail keeps increasing. I am as happy as one could be at this stage of the circus.

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