Round midnight, the fast set splitting up: Weber, Patrick McCarthy of WWD, designer Marc Jacobs, over to Warsaw. The Bartsch crowd assembling at Boomerang. The drags getting mean and sloppy - drugs, too much fabulousness, whatever - spreading their legs wide and being confrontational. Chi Chi talking about her husband, D.J. Johnny Dynell, having a Francesco Clemente tattoo. Gossip about Julian Schnabel trying to put together a movie on Jean Michel Basquiat. Mad dancing with Miss Fun, formerly of the Seventies group "Teenage Lust." John Herman of Hombre talking about his new Thursday-only night at Boomerang, "Salvation." Some chatter about the opening of Van Dome on Washington Avenue this weekend. And to finish off an actually fun weekend, A-guest Angela Janklow, writer, publisher, and daughter of agent Mort Janklow, turning up around 3:30 a.m. and primed for a good time: "We came from L.A. for the weekend. It's so boring out there that all you can do to amuse yourself is work out. We wanted someplace warm and fabulous, and this is it. I mean, Miami is amazing.

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