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The next morning, IC began to walk to Leogane. After arriving to Leogane, IC took a boat to La Gonave, via Petit-Goave. IC remained in hiding in La Gonave and where he met up with several of the people with whom he had been repatriated; together they planned their second departure from Haiti. IC describes that there were about 300 people in hiding together with IC in La Gonave. IC departed Haiti anew on 9 January 92. There were 189 persons aboard the vessel. IC has not heard from his wife and does not know what has happened to his family in Haiti.

(interviewed by INS/civilians two times since arrival in GTMO)

IC: Augustin, Mr. Wilner
DOB: 23 June 1968
POB: Petit-Goave
POR: Petit-Goave

IC departed from Haiti on 12 November 1991, was interdicted by the U.S. Coast Guard on 13 Novmeber 1991, and was returned to Haiti pursuant to an onboard interview conducted by an INS official, on 18 November 1991.

IC states that it was approximately 3:00 p.m. when the Coast Guard cutter arrived in Port-au-Prince. He noted the presence of several members of the Haitian military on the docks, along with some foreign journalists. One of the journalists accompanied IC to the Red Cross premises. IC's name was called and he responded. He was asked to sign several forms but did not wait to accept the U.S. $10 offered, since he was scared that he would be harmed by the soldiers who were on the premises.

IC states that there were two doors leading out of the Red Cross premises. He chose to leave by the back door since he wished to avoid detection by the military. Upon leaving the premises, IC turned into Rue Tirmasse, where he saw the body of his cousin and fellow-repatriant, Jacques Placide, lying on the road with bullet wounds in the head. IC fled from the area in panic. He did not take any form of public transport due to the presence of the military in the area, and walked through circuitous routes to a friend's house in Port-au-Prince, where he stayed for three days. IC left for his domicile in Petit-Goave on the third day.

On the day of IC's arrival in Petit-Goave, soldiers came to his house to look for him. IC does not know how the soliders had been informed of his presence in the area. He escaped by breaking a window in the back of the house and fleeing into the brush. His mother remained in the house and was beaten and arrested by the military. IC was informed of the latter by one of his friends with whom he sought refuge, and who went to IC's house to check on his mother. IC remained in hiding until he was able to flee to La Gonave in a small boat.

As the soldier beat the passengers, his colleague blocked the exit.
IC asserts that he did not have an opportunity to describe his activism and his fear of persecution.

IC: Dennis, Mr. Remis
DOB: 1 Jan 1957
POB: Petit-Goave
POR: Carrefour

IC left Haiti for the first time on 13 November 1991. His boat was interdicted by the U.S. Coast Guard on 14 November 1991. Pursuant to an onboard interview conducted by an INS official, IC was returned to Haiti on 18 November 1991.

IC arrived in Port-au-Prince at approximately 3:00 p.m. IC claims that there were members of the Haitian military along with a group of foreign journalists on the docks while he was disembarking from the cutter. The above mentioned journalists directed IC to the building where the Haitian Red Cross was processing the returnees. Some of the journalists accompanied IC to the building.

IC's name was called from a list by Red Cross officials, and he was given U.S. $10 in an envelope. He was also asked to sign several forms. IC uncertain as to the purpose of these forms. IC heard the sound of shooting while leaving the Red Cross building, although not in the immediate vicinity. While IC was returning to his domicile, he met a neighbor who informed him that his house was occupied by the Haitian military.

IC went to his mother's house in Carrefour, where his mother informed him that Arnold Augustin, a friend and fellow-repatriant, had been arrested by the military in Petit-Goave for having denounced the Haitian authorities to the U.S. IC's mother had witnessed the arrest while in Petit-Goave, and had told IC that Arnold had been beaten by the military during his arrest. IC mother also informed him that his wife, Solange Hippolyte, had been arrested by the military, taken to the barracks, threatened, and slapped on the face, in an attempt to glean the IC's whereabouts.

IC's mother gave him some clothes and money and urged him to leave immediately with his wife, for their own safety. IC borrowed his cousin's car and left with his wife for Petit-Goave and La Gonave.

IC: Paul, Mr. Ovide
DOB: 15 Jan 1972
POB: Carrefour
POR: Cite-Soleil

IC left Haiti on 13 November 1991, was interdicted by the U.S. Coast Guard on 14 November 1991, and was returned to Haiti (pursuant to an onboard interview by an INS official) on 18 November 1991.

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