The clampdown. Off-duty police and gun-toting security officers at Luke's. Rumors that the Miami Beach police are circumventing the Nuisance Abatement plan - warnings, meetings, etc. - by simply calling in the state boys. The Club Nu raid may have been inspired by a tip from a relative/actual good citizen of Chief Huber. Drugs are probably available at City Hall, after all. Conversely, Boomerang may have been, as one confidential informant put it, "too much fun." AM/PM, a degenerate free-for-all, "Ecstasy Central." Whatever, Paul Gabay of Boomerang obviously not happy: "We have the best security possible, but we can't be standing behind every customer. None of the management or employees has been identified with drug dealing, and we plan to reopen as soon as possible."

Tough times in clubland, but then there's always hard feelings with the aftermath of fun. Like one of the publicity-bedazzled police officers, who points to a cameraman from the television show Cops, who happened to be along for the ride: "I can't believe it. They didn't even take a picture.

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