Over the years, some great visuals. Strolling violinists performing "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing." Fat cats with cigars grabbing the microphone from the entertainers and bursting into "Te Quiero Mucho," backed by ballistic percussion ricocheting off the walls in odd ways. Complicated 1958-style scenarios of lust enacted by patently disinterested performers: prim Latin Southern belles trapped on tropical islands by pirates, ravaged, and then suddenly willing to accept whatever sexual degradation fate deems necessary. And in an entirely separate category, Nelson Ned, a brilliant Brazilian midget who perfectly embodies the Latin love for perversity and sentimentality. The act - white dinner jacket, three-inch heels, a finale of "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah" performed before sparklers and "NN" spelled out in lights - is sublime. The room itself, unfailingly entertaining. We stopped by the other night to see the new revues, Viva Broadway and It's Mardi Gras, both solidly in keeping with the club's tradition of boffo entertainment values. Great stuff. Uptown, the promises of the night are sometimes kept.

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