Raising Cane

Home may be where the heart is, but sportswriter Gary Long's vote is in the state of Washington

If anyone can identify with what Gary Long has been going through, it's Bryan Jacobson, sports editor for the Moscow/Pullman Daily News and one of the two AP voters in Washington state. He voted for Miami. But the consequences of his actions thus far have amounted to no more than a few irate phone calls from loyal Huskies fans asking how he could turn his back on Washington. "It hasn't been a public outlash," he says, then adds, "at least not yet."

As he walked through Channel 33's parking lot on his way to appear on another sports show across town, Long expressed confidence that Miami fans will eventually dismiss their hard feelings toward him. But for now, he warns with a smile, "Don't stand too close to my car while I start it.

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